Wedding Gift Ideas

What is the perfect wedding gift for a bride and groom? MONEY!!! -- many people would say. Sure, money always comes in handy, especially for a new bride and groom. But there's something special about arriving at a reception and seeing a table full of gifts for them too.

In our opinion, doing both would be the best route to go. Give them a unique gift for their home, and some additional money in a wedding card.

The problem with giving household gifts, is that you need to be familiar with the decorating "tastes" of the bride and groom. But, don't be digging through your attic looking for the toaster you got from Aunt Harriet three Christmas's ago.

The item should be useful, in great taste, and it should be something both of them can use.

Also see Bridal Shower Gifts and maybe it will help you with some suggestions for gifts.

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