The Perfect Gift for a Bride

What type of bridal shower is it? Is there a theme?

The bridal shower is a time for the bride and her friends to spend some time together before the wedding.

Her last party before she is not single anymore. So this Bridal Shower party should be special and lots of fun.

There's no reason for a bridal shower to be boring and something not to look forward to.

The groom and his school chums are certainly not going to have a boring time at the "Bachelor Party."

Of course a bridal shower held by her mother is going to be a lot different than one held by her close friends. Is the bride limited to just one bridal shower? Oh no, no... anyone can have a bridal shower. The new bride needs so many new things!

What is the perfect bridal shower gift?

Years ago many brides, like my mom, had cedar chests to collect items for her new home, and then when she became a bride, she had already collected favorite bargain items she found on the store shelves.

My mother still has this cedar chest to this day, and what do you suppose she replaced all her wedding items in her cedar chest with? Memories! Her wedding dress is in there, and wedding pictures, and pictures of her children growing up, our first pictures we drew, special items like our communion dresses, and our first little prayer book, etc.

If the bride does not have a cedar chest, a gift of a cedar chest would be a fantastic bridal gift, but everyone would have to pitch in to get one. If possible fill it with some items and kitchen gadgets she will need in her new home.

Also check Bridal Shower Ideas and Themes and maybe it will help you with some suggestions for gifts.

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